IDOLpro UHF-306 Professional Dual Wireless Microphone System With Long Distance Operation And Free Interference

IDOLpro UHF-306 Professional Dual Wireless Microphone System With Long Distance Operation And Free Interference



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UHF-306 wireless microphone system is solid structure, reliable performance, easy to set up and operate. It has very good audio clarity and long distance operation which can be used for , public speaking, DJ, church, karaoke bar, live concert and at home karaoke party.


  • Professional stage , UHF, Pll circuit; channel 10 group a total of 100 free choice set
  • Open environment effective distance can reach 210ft - 250ft line of sight
  • In sound code lock reception mode and quartz, can ensure the stability of the system
  • Using high sensitivity and wire frequency response of moving-coil senior cartridge, no matter boy and girl can show the original sound
  • The use of advanced audio compression circuit, effectively inhibit the generation of noise
  • The precisions of circuit design, can meet normal use of poor weather conditions.
  • Microcomputer control of PLL phase- locked loop oscillation circuit, stable performance and easy setting.
  • Infrared automatic frequency function, greatly simplifies the complexity of operation.
  • The LCD digital display mode, make the operation more intuitive. Receiver built-in transmitter power supply, power detection circuit can permanently solve the microphone transmitter power shortage of embarrassment.
  • It has two set audio output balance and imbalance, and any mixer, power amplifier is connected.
  • The standard 19 inch case, can match with any standard cabinets


  • Frequency: 900 MHz range
  • Frequency Stability: 10ppm
  • The sensitivity : 13dBuV
  • Current track inhibit : 65 dB
  • Mirror frequency suppression: 75 dB
  • Audio Output : 200MV
  • Output impedance: XLR connectors: 200 connectors :1K
  • Signal to noise ratioxin: 100 dB
  • Degree of distortion: <0.1%
  • Frequency response: 50 HZ 15 KHz
  • Receiving distance: 100M
  • Function display mode: LCD
  • The power supply: DC12V 18V
  • Size:
  • Weight:
  • Material: Iron Shell, aluminum panel
The emitter:
  • Frequency: 900 MHz range
  • Frequency stability: 10 PPM
  • Transmission power: 10MW
  • Launch distance: 100 M
  • Harmonic suppression: More than 65 db
  • Modulation method: FM
  • The most major system:75K
  • Working voltage: 3V
  • Working current: 12 MA
  • Function display mode: LCD

Package Includes:

  • UHF-306 Receiver
  • 2x Wireless Microphones
  • Antennas
  • Microphone cables
  • Power Adapter
  • AA Batteries
  • Manual
  • Tel: 1(323)319-3958
    Fax: 1(626)542-3245


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