IDOLpro UHF-330 Dual Rechargeable Professional Wireless Microphones Discontinued

IDOLpro UHF-330 Dual Rechargeable Professional Wireless Microphones <font color=" orange">Discontinued </font>

The UHF-330 combines IDOLpro professional hallmark crystal-clear sound with money-saving rechargeable microphone capability. This is a very high quality, durable unit constructed for years of continuous, reliable use. Featuring advanced frequency technology operation, the UHF-330 also has an operating range of up to 300ft or more, twice as far as most premium wireless microphone systems.

If youve been looking for the best rechargeable wireless microphone system on the market look no further the IDOLpro UHF-330 beats the competition not only in quality and features but price as well!


  • Wide frequency responds
  • Multiple frequency channel programming
  • Rechargeable microphones and base
  • Individual volume control for precise vocal balancing
  • Noise resistance, limits noise output
  • Super silent function, low T.H.D.
  • Full functionality LED Display
  • RF signal indicator
  • AF indicator
  • Individual volume control per mic
  • 2x high gain telescoping antennas.
  • Silent ON/OFF switching function (protect amplifier and speakers)
  • 2 Balanced output XLR connectors
  • Mixed/Balanced microphone outputs
  • 150-300ft Operating distance
  • Rack-mountable (brackets included)


    • Frequency stability: +-0.5%
    • Current track inhibit : 65 dB
    • Mirror frequency suppression: 75 dB
    • Work current: 480mA
    • Signal to noise ratio: >100 dB
    • Degree of distortion: <0.2%
    • Frequency response: 40 HZ 16 KHz
    • Operating temperature: -20C - +50C
    • Receiving distance: 300ft
    • Function display Mode: LCD
    • Power supply: DC14V 16V
    • Size: 13.8 W X 1.8H X 7.2 D inches
    • Weight:10 lbs
    • Material: Iron Shell, aluminum panel
    • Power supply: AC 110V
    The Transmitter:
    • Frequency: 652-698MHz
    • Frequency stability:+-0.5%
    • Maximum frequency Deviation: +-15khZ
    • Signal to noise Ratio: <0.2%
    • Frequency response: +-40Hz - 16 KHz
    • Dynamic range: >100dB
    • Transmitter: 8.5mW
    • Battery life: 14-16 hrs
    • Working current: 140 mA
    • Handheld transmitter dimension: 2 W x 10H inches
    The Charger:
  • Power supply: AC 110V
  • Current:350mA
  • Power supply: DC9V - 15V
  • Maximum battery capacity: 1800mA
  • Recharging time : 8-10 hrs
  • Charger dimension: 7W X 3.5H X 3.5D inches

    Package Includes:

  • Receiver
  • Charger Base
  • (2) Wireless Handheld Microphone
  • Built-in (4) AA 1.5V Rechargeable Battery
  • Atenna
  • Power Adapter
  • Adapter for Charger Base
  • Audio Connecting Cable
  • Manual
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