IDOLmain IP-6500 6000W Karaoke Mixing Amplifier /w Digital Sound Effects And Optical Input Discontinued

IDOLmain IP-6500 6000W Karaoke Mixing Amplifier /w Digital Sound Effects And Optical Input <font color=" orange">Discontinued</font>

MODEL: IP-6500



MAP: $1499.99

Follow our best selling amplifiers to date, IP-6500 has a professional rugged steel case /w large heatsink &, cooling fan(auto temp control) for long heavy duty applications, LED backlit front panel allows for ease of tuning in a dark setting such as clubs/parties, SD/USB slot reader was added to allow DJ/KJ to play mp3 music in-between guest, auto input selection for easy switching between multiple audio sources and Optical In for connecting to smart TVs

The IP-6500 provides 6000W of crisp clean power. First karaoke amplifier equipped with digital sound effect to bring crystal clear detailed sounds to your home karaoke.

Recommended for DJ/KJ, karaoke bar, churches & home applications.

Instruction to connecting smart devices to the amplifier through Bluetooth

  • 1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone
  • 2. Press Air-M button on the front panel of the amp and wait for your phone to search.
  • 3. Choose F-3089 on your phone and connect it.
  • 4. Now you are ready to stream music from your phone to the amp. Please note, Bluetooth will only send audio to the amp, graphic wont get transferred,

    • Power Output(Peak):3000W + 3000W Watts Max
    • Auto Volume Cancellation
    • Built-in MP3 Player Module
    • Recording Function to USB With Level Adjustment
    • Audio Bluetooth receiver built-in for streaming from smart devices
    • Guitar Input With Volume Control
    • Digital Optical Input
    • Digital Coaxial Input
    • Capacitor Mic Input ( Phantom Power 48W)
    • 4 Audio/Video Inputs: DVD/AUX/HDD/USB Module
    • 2 HDMI Inputs, 1 HDMI Output
    • USB Port Input
    • 4 inches LCD Display Screen
    • EQ/Effector Connection Read
    • Audio Processor with Feedback Reduction
    • Music Low, Mid, High, Balance, Volume Controls
    • Microphone Delay, Repeat, Echo, Low, High Volume Controls
    • Microphone Volume Controls for Low, Mid, High, Echo, Balance, Volume for individual microphones
    • 4 Front 1/4" Microphone Inputs, 1 Guitar Output & 1 Headphone Output
    • Master Microphone Control
    • Master Volume Control
    • 4 Banana Plug Speaker Connectors
    • 2 Speaker-on
    • Subwoofer XLR
    • Built-in BBE Sonic Maximizer for both vocal and music
    • DSP Digital Sound Processor
    • Temperature-Active, Ultra-Low-Noise Fan for non-stop operation
    • Pre-Input and Pre-Output for External Effort
    • Fuse: 250V/T20A
    • Product Dimensions: 20W x 8.5H x 16D inches
    • Shipping Dimension: 22W x 14H x 22D inches
    • Product Weight: 55 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 60 lbs


    • Power Output(Peak):3000W + 3000W Watts Max
    • Power Output(RMS):550W+550W at 4 ohms
    • Power Output(RMS):350W+350W at 8 ohms
    • Input Impedance: 47K ohms
    • Input Sensitivity: 150 mV
    • Bass Control: +/-15dB(100Hz)
    • Mid Control: +/-15dB(1KHz)
    • Treble Control: +/-15dB(10KHz)
    • T.H.D <0.1%
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz -1dB
    • Noise Ratio: >90dB
    • Power source: 115V /60Hz

    • Microphone:
    • Connector: 1/4" TRS /Unbalanced
    • Microphone Input Sensitivity: 10mV
    • T.H.D : <0.5%
    • Microphone Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz / 3dB
    • Bass Control: +/-15dB(100Hz)
    • Mid Control: +/-12dB(1KHz)
    • Treble Control: +/-15dB(10KHz)
    • Digital Echo:Up to 300ms
    • Key Control Range +/- 6 Half Tones

    Unit Includes:

    • Full Functions Remote Control
    • Operating Manual Book
    • Power Cord
    • Rack Mount Kit
    Tel: 1(323)319-3958
    Fax: 1(626)542-3245

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