IDOLpro IPS-700 1200W 10" Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke Speakers (Pair)

IDOLpro IPS-700 1200W 10" Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke Speakers (Pair)



  MAP: $899.99

We proudly introduce our latest 10" vocal speakers with amazing sound!

The IPS-700 features double paper diagram cone-tweeter compared to the traditional 2 tweeter setup on most karaoke speakers. With this, IDOLpro was able to reduce the strain placed on the tweeters which results in a lower microphone feedback and bringing the highest vocal clarity. The positioning of the tweeters also play a large role in the sound. With 120 X100 direction positioning,  the sound is dispersed in a much wider area, giving you a full rich sound.

A new and improved higher wattage woofer has been placed in to smooth out the mid-bass peaks which resulted in a natural sounding speaker compared to most speakers on the market which have a muddy, overpowering bass tone.


  • Max Power Rating: 1200W ( Pair)
  • Speaker Setup: 3 Way Speaker
  • Tweeters: 2 x 3" Fidelity Tweeters
  • Woofers: 10" Woofer
  • Speaker Connections: 1/4 Banana Plugs / Speak-on Terminal
  • Cross Over Frequency: 1200 Hz
  • LF Low-Pass Slope: -12dB/Oct
  • HF High-Pass Slope: -12dB/Oct
  • Normal Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 35hz~20KHZ
  • Sensitivity: 90db
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Product Weight: 26 lbs. (each)
  • Shipping Weight: 60 lbs. (PAIR)
  • Product Dimension: 20W X 12D X 12H inches(each)
  • Shipping Dimension: 30W X 24D X 17H inches(each) inches(each)

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