IDOLPRO DSP-X5 Karaoke Professional Digital Audio Processor Discontinued

IDOLPRO DSP-X5 Karaoke Professional Digital Audio Processor <font color=" orange">Discontinued</font>
MSRP: $499.00


  • The series is Kara OK amplifier with speaker processor functions, each function are independently adjustable
  • 24Bit data and 32Bit DSP
  • Music input channel is equipped with 7 parametric EQ
  • MIC input channel is equipped with 15 parametric EQ
  • Primary output with 5 parametric EQ
  • In the output, rear output and subwoofer is equipped with 3 parameters balanced
  • Microphone feedback inhibition level 3 and option OFF/ON
  • Can store 16 kinds of mode
  • Microphone output, the main output, output, subwoofer output rear output are high pressure limit and delay function
  • Accommodation manager mode and the user mode, user mode after the adjustment of parameters cannot be stored
  • This machine is equipped with a fully functional menu, it can be set via a PC interface


  • Mic 1,2,3: The microphone input port 1,2,3 & Mic.1,2,3 volume control decreases or increases volume
  • Microphone: Mic Feedback (Microphone feedback suppression, there are four modes can be selected) Mode: Off 1,2,3
  • Mic Filter: (Microphone high-throughput) HPF FREQ: 0-303Hz, /PASS: (15 Band EQ), PEQ/LSEQ/HSEQ: 19.7HZ-20.6 KHZ (Microphone balance) Gain: -24db - +12db, Q: 0.4-128/0.4-2.0/0.4-2.0
  • Effect: Effect volume adjustment knob left volume decrease, right volume increase
  • Music: Music Volume control knob left volume decreases, right volume increase
  • Mic: Microphone parameter setting
  • Main Primary channel parameters setting
  • Echo: Echo parameter setting
  • Sub: Subwoofer parameter setting
  • Reverb: Set reverb parameter
  • S.C: Post, Reset the parameters setting
  • Music: Music Parameter setting
  • System: System parameter setting
  • Recall: Preset calls
  • Save: Save data
  • Control: Function knob. When setting the parameter, rotation can be adjusted
  • Up/Esc: Display set up the menus, press the blinking time marked on the uplink/long-press the exit key, return to the main interface
  • Down the display menu setup, press time marked down flashing
  • Dimension: 483(L) X 218.5 (W) X 47.5 (H)mm
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